High Level of security

The DATASIX data center is equipped with various safety systems


The DATASIX data center has a fire alarm system with inert gas. Additional CO2 blotter are available. The Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) is very sensitive and is already beating, when there are only a few smoke particles in the air. The air of the data center is continuously filtered through a pipe and examined by a laser.

Datasix Zone

Red / yellow and green zone

The whole data center is divided into zones

Datasix Zone
Red Zone
Red zone

Here are the individual server rooms. To enter the data center you need a correct access authorization. All entrances are under video surveillance and recorded extern.

Datasix Red Zone
Yellow Zone
Yellow zone

Entrance to the yellow zone is only possible with a valid DATASIX card and a biometric authentication.

Datasix Yellow Zone
Green Zone
Green zone

To enter the green zone you need the accompaniment of the porter and a valid RFID card.

Datasix Green Zone


The whole data center is permanently under video surveillance - both exterior and all interiors. All records are saved in a physically separate data center. All rooms are monitored around the clock seven days a week by a security firm. Checkpoints are used to log and record the regular scrutiny. The whole data center does not have any windows and so it is very burglarproof. To enter a RFID system and a biometric access system is used.